Drug addiction or substance use disorder denotes a pattern of drug use and related activities that is pervasive, disabling, destructive to the user and beyond his/her control. About 90% and 17% of 17 year old students report lifetime use of alcohol and cannabis, respectively (www.espad.org). About half of the students had been smoking during the past 30 days (www.espad.org). More than 6% of adolescents (13-18 years) had alcohol abuse/dependence, and almost 9% fulfilled criteria for drug abuse/dependence (Merikangas et al. 2010). Significant risk factors for the development of drug addiction in adolescents are a deficient inhibitory-based executive control, and high levels of impulsivity, and alterations in reward and reinforcement regulation, as present in disorders such as ADHD, OCD and ASD (Rommelse et al., 2010).

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